Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chainstitching? 

Historically, chain stitch embroidery was used for work-wear and western wear...think name patches on work jumpsuits letterman jackets & cowboys. The machines that chainstitch are unique from other sewing machines in that they are hand-steered and operated using a handle underneath the table which allows for free-flowing lines & lettering. Today, there are very few original machines still in existence and only a few manufacturers who still make the machines. Artists like myself are truly keeping the art alive as there is very little education and information left.

Do You Live Embroider at Live Events, Parties, or Weddings?

You betcha! I have honed my setup especially for live embroidery events. I am fully insured, vaccinated and equipped for all kinds of event types and situations from large corporate events to small private gathers. Inquire about your event today! Kait is based out in Chattanooga, TN but has the ability to travel via car or plane to where your event is located.

What machines do you have?

chainstitch embroidery machines vintage singer 114w103 singer 114e103 national consew 104 home studio

I now have 4 chainstitch embroidery machines, 3 vintage machines and 1 modern reproduction machine. I work on a Singer 114w103 and vintage National machine in my home studio and bring my Singer 114e103 or modern Consew 104-1T to my live embroidery events and pop-ups.

What Can You Embroider On? 

Chainstitching is most effective on heavy woven fabrics like canvas, felt, and denim. To varying degrees of success, I can stitch on other materials, the rule of thumb is the less stretch something has the better the piece will turn out. If you are just dying to have chainstitching on your stretchy item, I recommend a single-line monogram or hand-sewing one of my pre-made patches. 
How do I care for my chainstitched piece?
To clean: Dry cleaning is ultimately preferred, but machine washing on delicate or hand-washing on cold and laying flat to dry is adequate for more used items such as tees, sweatshirts, bandanas or beanies. Jackets and large patches should be dry cleaned, or spot cleaned at home for best results. Do not bleach or iron directly on the chainstitched portion.

Can You Embroider on Baseball Caps or Jeans? 

I cannot chainstitch baseball caps or beyond the waistband, back pockets or bottom hem of jeans. I do not have access to a specialized kind of post-bed machine that allows for reaching into tighter spaces, so I recommend my chainstitching pals for the following:
Jean customization: Jay Stitch Designs
I’m Interested in Getting Started with Chainstitching, Where Should I Go?
I have an entire wishlist of helpful tools, parts and my preferred chainstitch supplies that I have compiled. Make sure to check that out if you're looking for anything in particular. I highly suggest getting connected with other artists on Instagram (peep the hashtags: #chainstitchembroidery #singer114w103), 
Before ordering a machine off eBay, PLEASE get connected with someone who’s deep in the biz, there are a lot of sketchy machines and parts out there and lots of people who try to take advantage of the rarity of these kinds of machines and lack of reliable info. Chainstitchers really help watch each other’s backs so get connected in the community before you take the plunge! I suggest watching Charecosew's video about how to spot fake machine parts on Singer 114 series chainstitch machines if you do decide to go the route of sourcing a vintage machine. 

Can You Chainstitch My Artwork? 

Right now, I’m really focusing on my own designs and artistry, but I am open to working with other’s artwork depending on what is it and other details. Feel free to fill out my custom chainstitch inquiry form with your artwork and what you’re envisioning. Keep in mind that I may refer you to another chainstitcher or maker depending on what you’re needing and my capacity and lead time.