Kait Makes Custom Chainstitch Offerings

Interested in a custom chainstitch piece by Kait Makes? I offer two options for customs: Semi-Custom and Fully-Custom

semi-custom chainstitched jackets kait makes
Semi-Custom Chainstitch

I dedicate a lot of time and energy into designing, collaborating, planning, and stitching my wearable art pieces. However, because of the slow and small batch nature of my craft, the design you want may be sold out or not offered in your size or style. Semi-Customs are a convenient way to take a chainstitch design that I've already created and customize it to fit your body, personality and style. To see which designs can be made into semi-customs, search "semi-custom" or select the collection from the main menu drop down.

What to expect with Semi-Customs: Pricing & Timeline
Semi-customs will cost about the same as the original one-of-a-kind piece, but they include to and from garment shipping, my one-on-one attention to your semi-custom, and a faster turnaround time than a normal custom (about 3-4 weeks as opposed to 6-8 weeks for Fully-Custom pieces). Timelines can vary depending on my current project queue.

How to order:
1. Search "semi-custom" from the chainstitch menu to see which items qualify
2. Select "semi-custom deposit" and checkout to get your Semi-Custom started. 
3. I will be in touch via email after you place your deposit order to get more details about your garment, what changes you can make, and timeline
4. After details are nailed down, I will invoice you for the rest of the semi-custom amount
5. Work/timeline will begin after this invoice is paid or payment plan is set up and I receive your garment.

Fully-Custom Chainstitch

Have an idea for a design or want to start from scratch with me? Fully-Custom may be the way to go for you. The custom chainstitch process is a partnership. I'm here to help guide you on the journey of crafting a one-of-a-kind piece that fits exactly what you need.

A banner for your small business? A set of jackets for your wedding party? A tricked-out jumpsuit for your 30th birthday? I got you! I have done a variety of fully-custom chainstitch projects, from larger projects like jackets and patches to smaller goods like tees and keepsake handkerchiefs. I can stitch on the clothes you already have, or we can work together to source the perfect item for you. 

What to expect with Fully-Custom Pieces: Pricing & Timeline

For a better idea for budget, please refer to the chart below. These prices are general estimates, but I will follow up via email with a specific estimate for your project.

$35 - $55: custom script monograms, flash designs added to your garment (1-3 weeks)
$65 or less:
  & small patches (up to 5 inches) (2-3 weeks)
$60 - $250: patches (over 5 inches) or logo patches, small banners or pennants, larger non-script text (2-4 weeks)
$250 - $600: full back pieces (jackets/coveralls/jumpsuit), larger logo/intricate banners (6-8 weeks)
$600+ : entire custom jacket or jumpsuit (stitching in multiple places) logo/intricate banner designs over 16 inches, multiple pieces (7+ weeks)

How to order:
Head to my Fully-Custom Order Inquiry Form to start a Fully-Custom piece! Provide as much detail as you can in the inquiry, and I will follow-up via email. Keep in mind that I may refer you to another chainstitcher or maker depending on what you’re needing and my capacity and lead time. 

flatlay shot of a tan jumpsuit with a large chenille chainstitch back patch of felix the cat and the words works for jerks over the topup close shot of a tan corduroy jacket with two reflecting chainstitched vines on either side of the collar flay lay shot of a blue denim shirt back laying on a travel chainstitch table with the words Jamie Rae Pottery stitched in freehand script scriptwhite cowboy hat with an intertwining client logo patch centered on the hat on top of a suitcase with a blurred backgroundclose up photo of a pink checkered bandana with the word Ladybird freehand chain stitched onto the bandana in light pink threadzoomed out photo of a blue denim jacket with a coffee art design chain stitched onto the left chest. the garment is hanging on a kait makes branded hanger and hanging from a shelf with books, decorations and candles