Create an Unforgettable Brand Experience through Live Embroidery

Are you a brand who is looking to add a touch of magic to your customer interactions? You've come to the right place! Kait is passionate about delivering not your average monogramming experience to your guests and customers. Seemingly like magic, Kait crafts unforgettable live embroidery experiences that are a lasting touchpoint for your brand. 

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  • Corporate & VIP Experiences

    Say goodbye to throwaway conference giveaways and hello to a 100% personalized corporate gift for your next conference or trade show and a personalized experience that your clients won't forget.

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  • Retail Activations

    Transform your current retail stock without lifting a finger, attract new customers and stimulate in-store sales by offering complimentary embroidery to your retail customers.

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  • Weddings & Private Parties

    Your special day made that much more memorable with live embroidery for your guests, leaving them with a party favor they will treasure and entertainment during the reception!

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Live Embroidery FAQ

Do You Travel for Embroidery Events?

Yes—have machine, will travel—Kait packs up her trusty pink trailer and drives to events all across the US, and flies to gigs as well. Client can provide hotel accommodations on-site, and Kait bills for applicable travel expenses.

How Much is On-Site Embroidery?

Live Embroidery Service is typically $500 per event hour plus logistical and travel expenses. Kait's out of town minimum (30 mins + from Chattanooga, TN) is 3 hours for driving events and 5 hours for any flying event before travel costs are added.

How Many Items Can be Personalized Per Hour?

Each monogram is stitched freehand—meaning Kait is controlling her vintage embroidery machine using a handle under the table and writing with the thread—resulting in faster monograms than a computerized machine. Depending on the monogram or flash design, a personalization can take anywhere from 3 to 20 minutes each or roughly 12-22 items per hour depending on material, personalization limits, & flow. For a speedier service, Kait recommends keeping things simple with script only personalizations, limiting thread colors, and adding a trained stitching assistant.

What is Needed for Your On-Site Setup?

Typically Kait needs the following for a live embroidery event setup:

  • Solid, flat ground (typically 8x8x8ft)
  • Access to 3-prong grounded outlet within 20ft of the stitching area
  • Table or garment rack for guest order pickup
  • If outdoors: coverage from sun, rain, & wind + adequate lighting if after sunset

Do You Stitch on My Items or Provide?

Both! The items Kait embroiders on for events are typically billed or decided on separately from the cost of live embroidery. This way, you know pricing no matter the gift you choose for your guests. Kait has stitched on denim jackets, tshirts, lingerie, robes, towels, totes and more for live events and also offers branded embroidery blanks including luggage tags, bandanas, patches and more.

Hi! I'm Kait—the creative force behind Kait Makes—where I bring a touch of magic to everyday customer experiences. If you're looking to create an unforgettable brand experience, live embroidery is the perfect addition!

I'm a bit of an embroidery magician, if you will, delivering on-demand embroidery at your next corporate, retail or private event. Choose chainstitch embroidery for your next event for handcrafted details that leave a lasting impression with your guests.

So What The Hell Is Chainstitch?

Historically, chainstitch embroidery was used for work-wear and western wear...think name patches on work jumpsuits, letterman jackets, & cowboys. Chainstitch embroidery machines are unique from other sewing or digital embroidery machines because they are completely hand-controlled, allowing for free-flowing lines & lettering, kind of like drawing with thread!

Because chainstitch machines are non-computerized, I can pack mine up and show up on site to your event to provide on-the-spot monogramming, each monogram taking just minutes to complete and leaving your guests with a gift 100% customized to them.

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