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Chattanooga City Lifestyle Magazine Feature

I'm so excited to show off being featured in Chattanooga City Lifestyle Magazine's February edition "Local Love" among other amazing makers and local businesses! 

The "Meet The Makers" spotlight by P.E. Craven highlights "...five local makers you should know" on page 21. My work is featured with a photo taken at an in-store embroidery popup at Parachute Home in Columbus, Ohio along with the following excerpt:

"Kaitlyn Willow of Kait Makes offers a truly unique experience by providing chain-stitch embroidery on the spot. The centuries-old technique gets an update with Kait's fun and fresh patterns, free-handed in front of customers' eyes. Her favorite part about life chain stitching is the 'embroidery magic,' as she calls it. 'I'm able to take an ordinary bandana and transform it into a lifelong heirloom right before a customer's eyes.'

In addition to live chain stitching, Kait also bolsters the Chattanooga art/creative scene. Her 2023 Galentine's Social had over 400 attendees and provided several local vendors the opportunity to expand their customer reach. You can find Kait at events around Chattanooga and abroad."

"Whether you are perusing the Chattanooga Market or looking for a professional to elevate an event, there is no shortage of creatives with unique offerings."

I can't agree more. Thank you so much to Chattanooga City Lifestyle Magazine for featuring local artists and entrepreneurs here in Chattanooga. 

Photo credit: Rachel Joy Barehl

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