About Kait Makes

Kaitlyn Anderson holding a Conser 104-1T Industrial Chainstitch Machine

Welcome to KaitMakes, alternatively: welcome to me monetizing my hobbies, per usual. I've always needed a creative outlet from my full-time career in corporate america so I've really always created art on the side. I joke with my friends that I need to tire myself out each day so I can get a good night of sleep, and it's kind true? My mind is like a hamster wheel I can't get off of.

In late 2020, I took my designs to physical products, physically making them with the use of my Cricut and thrifted goods. For me, the fun is in the exploration of application: how far can I take my lettering and design? What products are missing from my own life and how can I use good type and design to create something brand new? After about a year of that work, I've transitioned some of those goods out of my inventory but kept others that I really love.

The Feeling Collection

In 2021, I started to incorporate chainstitch embroidery into my body of work and am currently working on making more stitched products like patches, custom monogrammed goods and focusing on hand lettering and illustration. Chainstitching is the perfect blend of my design and illustration skills and my physical need to tinker and keep my hands busy while also being the perfect outlet to experiment with different styles and designs.

Consew 104

I own a Consew 104-1T model of chainstitch machine, which is an industrial chainstitch embroidery machine that I hand crank lettering and designs with. No computers are involved with the stitching of my embroidery, each stitch is hand steered and designed by me in my home studio here in Chattanooga, TN.

At the end of the day, I hope you find joy in the items I create. I truly do all this for fun and to explore my creativity. I hope the things that I make inspire that same kind of tinkering and explorational spirit in you as well.