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Temple Floor Iridescent Gold Art Print | Die-Cut Arched Poster

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Take home a piece of Temple Floor with this custom printed iridescent gold ink art print from from my original lightbox art installation. 


Digital illustration, reflective gold ink printed on custom die-cut black acid-free French Paper. Printed locally in Chattanooga by Wonderpress.
Measurements: 7.5 x 17 inches

More about Temple Floor

A goddess silenced and demonized after being sexually assaulted...her curse becomes her protection. A mother conjured from his side blamed for the fall of the humanity...her curse to feel deeply.

What if these stories aren't as simple as they appear? Inspired by a retelling of the Greek myth of Medusa and reclaiming of the biblical story of Eve, Temple Floor takes the ideals from Paul's letter to the Corinthians and flips the script: exploring the intricacies of conflicting expectations for bodies borne to carry the weight of the world through digital illustration of a non-conventional goddess form: naked, fat and limbless. To be a woman is to live in contradiction: shoulder the weight of the world but appear weak, bare responsibility to give life but not get a choice in the matter, to remain pure and virginal but keep yourself desirable.

The co-mingling of Greek and Judaeo-Christian culture still root in our consciousness today. Idealized and sexualized versions of "healthy bodies" are placed on pedestals for all to covet and strive towards while actual Healthcare is not within reach for most—not outside of the modus operandi of Capitalist exploitation. Purity Culture has poisoned the well of American Culture, telling young girls that the abuse and sexualization of their bodies is their own fault, protecting the predatory abusers who are their brothers, fathers, friends, pastors, and lovers.

Temple Floor is ultimately about reclaiming our bodies from the religious, patriarchal and capitalist ideals that have the capacity to squeeze us so tightly that we are unrecognizable...even to ourselves.

Visual Description: Blocky illustration of a naked femme body without a head, hands or feet with a protruding belly standing upright and leaning slightly back. Rays of light are protruding around where her head would be—almost as a halo—and a long snake with large spots is wrapped around her body with its mouth open and hissing tongue out off to the right. The words "my body is not a temple" are written on to the left of her thigh in a thick blackletter font. Digitally illustrated and cut out of vinyl, applied to a rectangular framed light box illuminated internally with soft white light. Each edge and cutout of the illustration glows almost supernaturally.

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