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Fat Goddess Suncatcher Decal | Window Cling | Rainbow Maker

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Take home a piece of Silence Chapel with this suncatcher decal from from my original large-scale art installation

Details: Digital illustration, black ink on a removable suncatcher decal (please note, the decal is removable and will not damage your glass or window, but may not be able to be re-placed as the adhesive will be less tacky after use)

Measurements: 4 x 4 inches round

How to Apply Your Suncatcher:

  1. Find a window that receives direct sunlight and clean it throughly
  2. Wet the area with a soapy water mixture using a spray bottle or wet paper towel
  3. Peel your decal from its backing and place on the wet window and slide it into position
  4. Using a squeegee or credit card, gently squeeze out excess water and air and wipe the window dry. Your decal may appear milky, but it will dry clear.
  5. Enjoy your rainbows!

More about Silence Chapel:

Silence Chapel is a large scale mixed media art installation piece featuring digital illustration printed vinyl applied an upcycled window, lit from behind with LED lights to mimic the look of stained glass. It’s the long-awaited follow-up to my Rebuild series, incorporating religious imagery and the feeling of being ‘in church’ juxtaposed with words ‘my body will not be silenced’ as the experience of many survivors of sexual and religious trauma (myself included) have been told to never speak of their experiences for fear of ‘leading others astray.’ Silence Chapel espouses this tradition and paves a way for a new awakening of survivors to tell their stories and find their freedom.


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