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Customizable Chainstitch Embroidered Beanie

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Keep your head cozy but also show people exactly what's on your mind with a hand-personalized chainstitched embroidered beanie! Each beanie is super soft and is hand embroidered with a Consew 104-1T industrial chainstitch embroidery machine and no computers are involved.


  1. Choose the color of beanie you prefer
  2. Write your custom chainstitched personalization (limit of 18 characters)
  3. Choose at least 2 colors of thread in the order you prefer. Selecting multiple colors ensures I can quickly fulfill your order if I'm out of your preferred thread color or if it will not show up on your beanie. You can choose up to three in the order of most preferred to least preferred!

Chainstitch embroidery works best with lower-case cursive script lettering, so all-caps and initials look pretty choppy with chainstitch and are also a pain for me to stitch. Please don't use 2 capital letters next to each other when adding your custom phrase. Each letter is hand-steered on my Consew 104-1T machine and is totally unique and god intended :) 

Each letter of your custom word or phrase is hand steered and "written" by hand in my home studio here in Chattanooga, TN. Each beanie is soft and knit, 100% polyester and has a good stretch. One size fits most, but is a little on the smaller side in my opinion. 

Choose from 8 beanie colors and plenty of thread colors!

    Care of your beanie(s): Try to avoid washing the beanie for as long as you can stand. For longevity, I recommend hand washing and hanging to dry.

    RETURNS/EXCHANGES: No returns or exchanges are allowed on custom chain stitched items. If you have issues with your order, please email me:


    I offer shipping options from USPS, UPS, and FedEx. I only ship out items twice a week: on Saturdays and Wednesdays (barring any federal holidays). Please refer to each item's listed turnaround time for questions about order timing, and please allow for more shipping time during these unprecedented times. 

    The address you enter at checkout is the address I will use to ship your item to.


    Bottom line: I do not accept returns, but I do allow exchanges on some items. Many of my items are one-of-a-kind or personalized in some way, so offering open-ended returns is just not manageable for me. If you are ultimately unhappy with your purchase or customization, please email me ( and I'll do everything I can do make it right.